16 July 2009

An Expensive Flop

Here in little-bitty Crosby groceries tend to be pretty expensive. Not only is everything shipped in, but we only have the one grocery store. The pricing on produce has been the hardest thing for me to adjust to. Coming from Florida where not only are you close to the ports, you're also in the land of constant growing season. Last week bananas were on sale here. They went from 75 cents a pound down to 39 cents. I bought two huge bunches. And decided that I would make banana bread. I saw a recipe over at Right There Beside You, that looked delicious!

First things first, she used rum instead of vanilla. And I wouldn't substitute. I wanted rum. Now, neither M and I really drink rum. So I told him to just get me whatever he saw. I did specify that I wanted 'dark rum'. He came out of the liquor store and told me "there was only one bottle that specifically said Dark Rum, but this one is dark colored. And a lot cheaper."

Cost of rum: $13.00

Last night as I was feeding the boys their supper, I decided that I would make the banana bread when they were done since I already have the oven going for a chicken I had roasted for mine and M's supper. I shoveled the food in their mouth (which they loved because they normally think I take too long between turns!), gave them some crackers and started mixing up the batter. I'm in the middle of adding everything and notice that I only have about 1/4 cup of walnuts. Definitely not enough for a good loaf of banana bread. And then I also realize that I have no baking soda. M had thankfully just got home from his 'just going to be gone for the morning' fishing trip with a co-worker. I told him I was running to SuperValu. I'd be back. As I'm going through the grocery store I also remember that my bread pan is too small. So I grab a loaf pan, baking soda, and walnuts.

Cost of forgetfulness: $10.18

I rush home, finish mixing up the batter and divide it between my two too small pans and pop it in the oven. My mouth started watering as the bread baked and the house filled up with the sweet aroma.

I knew the bread wouldn't need to bake an hour like the recipe suggested because they were 'short loafs'. I checked them, and they were perfect. Almost. Some how in my rush I didn't mix the batter enough. So through the bread there are flour pockets. And even a little baking soda. Hmm.

Cost of a flop: $23.18

I will add, that I personally still think its delicious. I have chosen to ignore the flour pockets, which you almost can't taste at all. And have eaten almost all of both loaves already. I'm planning on finishing the second one off at some point tonight!

G has gotten into the habit of not wanting to nap. He ends up getting up from his nap around 2, and by the time he's tired its too close to bedtime to put him down for another nap. Last night after his bottle he fell asleep with Daddy on the couch.

Z on the other hand said "No thank you!" As you can see I barely could even get a picture of him holding still!

He's started doing this new thing with his mouth. He leaves it open like he's exclaiming over something all the time. I keep thinking there is something wrong with him when I see him doing it!

And finally!


  1. LoL!!! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!!!

  2. THanks for stopping by my blog...your boys are SOOOOO cute!

  3. Hey girl! I love the post! Hey, at least it didn't go to waste! =)

    Not sure if your store does this, but our grocery store sells "ripe" (or all the loose bananas) in a bag at a discounted price. may want to check it out.

    btw - it looks yummy!