16 July 2009

9 Months?!

Today our midgetmen turn NINE months old. I can't believe how fast they have gone by. It barely seems like we've barely heard those first cries, yet here we are, 3 months away from their first birthday. It was an odd day for me when I realized that they had been here longer than I had been pregnant with them. It made me a little sad. Where is time going?

They had their appointment yesterday. G is 18 1/4 pounds, and 27 3/4 inches. He falls into the 20th percentile for weight, 25th percentile for height, and his head is a nice even 50th percentile. Z is 16 pounds, and 27 inches. Poor little man is falling off the charts and is now in the 5th percentile for weight (he was in the 15th three months ago and 9.8th a month ago), 20th percentile for height, and also has a nice 50th percentile head. Our FNP assured me again that Z is perfectly healthy, and that we'll keep an eye on him, but there really isn't anything else we can do right now. They are perfectly healthy, well developed babes. Both are right on target for milestones, and FNP had no concerns at all. This afternoon they had their hemoglobin tested. They like the numbers over 11 1/2, Z was 15 and G was 14. So again - they are perfect!

As for development...

G is attempting to crawl, but its not going well for him. He can pop right up on his knees. And he knows what to do with his knees, but his hands still get him a little confused. He ends up about one knee length forward and then plops on his face. He also has very little patience and usually ends up just army crawling because he can get there faster. Otherwise he stays up on his knees and cries in frustration. He can pull himself up to his knees, and tries to stand but isn't quite there. If I give him just the slightest help he can get right up. Which he likes much more than being on his knees! He babels constantly, and loves to say "dadadadada". No ma-mas yet though. I also think that he says "Hi!". And every now and then it sounds like he says "oh yeah" or "hi there". Occasionally it sounds like he says 'daddy' too. He's also started this funny, little, random giggle.

Z is zooming his tiny bum all over the place! I really have a hard time keeping him still. He is pulling himself up on any and everything. As well as taking a few steps while holding on. Last night he started letting go of whatever he is holding on to. He's able to balance himself for 10-30 seconds before he either falls or has to grab back on. He doesn't chatter as much as G does, but he definitely lets us know when he wants to be heard. He usually likes to talk really loud and forceful when we're in public. Think: super quiet restaurant. Or library. His face will turn red, and he gets these bright, bright red spots around his eyes and on his cheeks. Whatever he is trying to tell us, there is a lot of emotion behind it! He is a little bit of a brute to G. Usually takes the toy G is playing with. You know, the only toy, the only thing that made G happy at that moment. Yeah, Z must have it right then as well. Z will also, for no apparent reason, crawl over to G and push him down. Or climb over him. Or pinch his face. Or pull on his ears.

They interact a lot more, and I love to watch them. That is when Z isn't doing any of the above! The other evening I was sitting in the kitchen with my back towards them and I kept hearing them laugh. And I'm talking deep belly laughs. I turn around and there is Z sitting on the floor, G dragging himself full force, barreling into Z. Z would fall over, crawl away, sit back up, and they'd go through it again. It was so funny to watch! Of course every time I grabbed the camcorder they stopped!

And for the lesser interesting stuff... M and I are both doing good. He's working a lot of hours, like we expected he would. The last couple of rotations were nice as he was working closer to home for 4 or 5 of a 7/8 day rotation. He's having a little bit of a time adjusting to the constant different schedules. The days he works a double are the hardest for me. He leaves before the boys wake up in the morning, and comes home well after their bedtime. And I really think they notice he's gone and miss him. But we're managing pretty well over all.

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