02 October 2011

4 Months

Lil' Miss M turns 4 months old today.  I have to admit I'm in a little bit of disbelief that its already been that long.

She is growing like a weed.  Literally.  We zoomed right out of 3M clothes and are now nicely filling out the 6M stuff.  I'm beginning to wonder if we aren't going to be in the next bigger size before winter hits us here in the NoDak.  Which, if you remember should be anytime now because we do live in NoDak.

(total side story BUT it was actually 84F here yesterday.  84!  It was warmer here than it was in FL.  How the heck does that happen?  I'm pretty sure today is like 80F too.  Not that I've left the house.  Or, I'll admit it, even gotten dressed.)

Back to lil' M.

She is sleeping decently.  Though she's discovered that Mommy will run and plop the paci back in her mouth at any given time during the night.  She likes to take advantage of that every now and then (more like every other night).

The teething monster is paying us a visit right now.  The drooling

 and the chewing. 
 I'm not sure the poor little thing will have any hands left by the time she gets teeth.  I wouldn't say she's a miserable baby, but she does seem a little more grouchy than normal (read: she fusses for like 5 minutes a day now).

I got her highchair delivered the other day, and she is without a doubt ready for solids.  Bottles just aren't doing it for her anymore.  5-6 ounces every 2-2 1/2 hours.  And its just not enough anymore.

She has rolled from her tummy to her back 5 times.  But its been about a month since she did that.  She seems to have decided its just not for her.  She's this close rolling from her back to her tummy. 

 I actually thought she was going to do it while I was siting here typing, but she changed her mind at the last minute.
The boys love her to death.  Some days I'm afraid they will literally love her to death.  Now that she's a little bigger Z is much more involved and interested in being around her.

G couldn't be bothered to join us for pictures, but he does love his little sister dearly and spends a lot of time talking and 'playing' with her.

I honestly thought (when pregnant) that having a 3rd child would be pretty easy-peasy. I mean, I've already done this once times 2. But what I didn't expect was to have such an easy child. She is happy. Like almost always.

And when she isn't. I have not.a.clue. what could be wrong. With G it was easy. He was crying. Oh well, what was new? And as I'm typing this I realize I have no clue if Z cried a lot or not. Hmm. He's kind of whiney and cries a lot now if that counts for anything.

I'm beyond thrilled that this time around I knew 'how to do it' and have been able to lose almost all the baby weight.  As of this morning I have 8lbs of lil' M weight to lose and then another 7lb of G&Z pregnancy weight.  I think in some ways knowing that lil' M is our last child motivated me to get back on track running and eating healthier again.

I'm attempting to paint the dining room.  The last room downstairs that I had plans to paint (I'm not touching the kitchen or bathroom until I can completely remodel the).  I've worked on it for 6 hours over 3 days.  And have the trim cut in.  At the rate I'm going I'm figuring it will take me 12 days to get the room painted.  Though I am hoping to have the energy tonight to get the first coat on the walls. Highly doubting it though.

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