24 August 2011

Today we said goodbye to a dear old friend.  One that has saved my sanity many, many times.  Someone that has been a part of our household for over 2 years.

the gate

Yes.  That's right.  We took the gate down. 

About 2 weeks ago G figured out how to open the gate.  And our life hasn't been the same.  They've been doing pretty good staying out of the things they shouldn't be in.  Well, they're doing good.  Now.  That we've repeatedly told them not to do something and enforced time out, etc.  They love the freedom.  And its helped me really focus on getting the piles of "stuff" organized and put away.   And I'll admit.  I do kind of enjoy having them running around with me (at least part of the time). 

I kind of adore seeing their toys in random places.  Like a parking lot on the kitchen counter.

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