23 August 2011


Beginning to wonder why I still have this.  I really want to keep this updated.  I want to be able to write down my thoughts every day, and be able to look back over the past few years and have the memories.

Lately its been rough in our house.  The boys have been in a foul mood for days.  I think its because they had a nightlight in their room and weren't sleeping good.  I took it out.  We'll see how they do tomorrow.

Z has been potty-trained.  It took 2 days.  And he's been pretty much accident free.  G.  Not so much.  He went through more undies in 3 hours than Z did in 3 days.

Lil M is aahhmmmaaazzzziiiinnnngggg.  She's sleeping 11-12 hours at night.  And is just the happiest, smiley-est baby ever.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel inspired to write again.  I hope so.

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