01 October 2010

There Goes That Time Thing Again

Time has once again flown by since I've been on here.  I can't tell you how many blog entries I've wrote.  In my head.  While driving down the road.  While cooking supper.  While walking the dog.  And yet, by the time I'm able to sit in front of the computer, the thoughts are gone.

Our little men are growing and changing so much the past few weeks.  The words they can say.  The ideas they come up with.  The things they do.  Its hard to get it all down, and capture every moment like I want to.  There are just too many moments.

One of G's new words is "gosh!"  Its adorable to watch him say.  His little chubby face lights up.  He throws his hands up to his face.  Squishes his rosy cheeks and says "GOSH!".  Where he picked it up?  Who knows.  Me?  Possibly.

Z says many more words than G does.  And while the word count itself may not be greater, he says a lot more unprompted.  He's started putting together little sentences - "what happened, gabvy?"  He also has started saying "I love you"!  Only he says "I wuv ou".  Ah, it melts this mommy's heart. 

I'm currently teaching them to say "two" when I ask them how old they're going to be.  Z says "free", more than "two".  But, hey, its something! 

Motor skills and muscle development, they are off the charts!  They climb, they jump, they dance, they run, they throw, they sometimes catch.  Z has started doing a crazy run, he'll hike his pant legs up and run while leaning side to side.  Its hilarious to watch him.  They also LOVE to make silly faces for me, and put their fingers up by their mouth and try to wiggle their tongue.  G loves to color, and his fine motor development has really impressed me lately.  He's attempting to hold his crayons and markers the proper way, and is really quite good at it and almost there.

Another area that I'm so proud of them in is how well they are recognizing the alphabet and numbers.  I always love it in the car when we're driving down the road and I hear "duppu, duppu".  And then realize that they're looking at the compass display and recognizing that there is a "W".  They'll also say the numbers of the temperature that are displayed.  

It is true that these precious boys are turning TWO!  I'm amazed at how fast those 2 years have gone by.  And at the same time, amazed that it was only 2 years ago that my life was so incomplete but I didn't know it. 

We're also moving again.  This will be the boys 4th move.  Seriously, I think M and I are crazy just no one has realized it yet.  Not have we just moved ONCE but FOUR times with twins.  Under the age of 2.  Yes, officially insane.  This move should be a more permanent one for us.  I say should.  We would like to believe that this is the end of a long line of moving.  And yet, part of me knows better.  I've always said that M has a gypsy side to him, and doesn't like to stay in one place long.  Hopefully this time will be different.  The process of buying a house has been a horror story for us.  And I'm thinking that alone should keep us tied down here for awhile.

Z and Mommy goofing off for the camera

G intent on coloring while we're goofing off

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