03 October 2010

Have I Mentioned...

I really despise moving?

Chaos is everywhere.  I hate chaos.  There are odd, random items that never seem to have a perfect place to be packed.  Do you shove them all in one box and say the hell with it?  Or do you have 500 little, tiny boxes each labeled with the 3 specific items that are in it?  I prefer option 2.  Only I've about ran out of boxes.  Right now I have 3 boxes left.  3 huge boxes.  I should probably save those to pack our clothes in anyways.

Gah.  I hate moving. 

To add to our moving woes.  I can't find a sitter to watch the boys.  I was planning on having a sitter.  The local daycare is understaffed.  So I can't drop them off for the day there.  That was my back-up plan.  Oh, and did I mention?  We can't get a hold of the guy that has the U-Haul rentals?  Mmhmm.  No one has answered the phone.  No one has called me back. 

And.  We wanted to get the boys' room painted before we moved in.  There was an old popcorn ceiling in there that was starting to fall down.  M went to remove it, and found out that its not just the texture falling down.  The plaster has pulled away from the lathe.  Looks like someone is going to learn how to drywall a ceiling.  Hopefully in the next 2 days, before we move (ha.ha.ha.).  Pretty sure we're going to need to be on DIY Network's "Renovation Realities".  We will be the next couple the world laughs at as they tackle impossible renovation tasks with having no clue as to what they're really doing.

I could just put them in a different room.  Yes, that is true.  There is the room that has a door to a rooftop.  Hmm, doesn't seem like a good choice for two little boys that will no longer be in cribs.  Or, there is the other room.  Except, there is a walk through closet into a different room.  And a linen closet.  And the hallway door.  First, two twin beds don't really fit that great in there.  Unless I float one basically in the middle of the room.  Second, these little boys can now open doors.  There are too many escape routes for them.  I am going to take a closer look at that second room tonight though.  Maybe I can make it work.  Because I certainly don't see getting a ceiling ripped down, drywalled, and painted before Wednesday.

Blah. Moving.

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