15 March 2010

Midget Picassos

Yesterday I attempted to go to church for the very first time with the boys, by myself. And it went surprisingly well. The time change worked in my favor, since Canada doesn't have daylight savings time, it was 10am our time when Church started instead of 9am. We were all dressed and ready to go extremely early, and I avoided feeding them breakfast before we left the house. That way during the service I could bribe them into silence with cheerios and sippy cups full of milk. There were a few moments that I wasn't sure I would be able to hold onto both of them as they tried to make their escape, but I did and there were no runaways. Half way through the service I was asked if the boys wanted to go to Sunday School. I figured, why not give it a try?! So off they went to the little side room, G carrying his book and Z clinging to my old MP3 player that I knew would keep him quiet and happy. I told the Sunday School teacher that I'd come running if I heard too much screaming and thought she needed to be rescued. And left. I did hear a few little screams. But nothing that seemed to need my attention. The door was cracked open at one point by one of the parent's checking on their child, and Z escaped. I caught him, and carried him back into the room. And there kneeling on a chair at the table was G. Painting. Oh, he was so concentrated on his work of art. And absolutely adorable. Bless the Sunday School teacher, she had brought water color paints for a Sunday School activity. And the class consisted of 5 boys - the oldest being 3 and G&Z being the youngest! She was a very brave woman. G and Z did love it though, and only came home with minor paint stains on their clothes, which all washed out. I am such a proud mommy at how well they behaved.


  1. awesome! Good job or going alone! It is sometimes hard for me to go alone, too, and I only have one! You amaze me allll the time woman!

    Oh, and LOVE the artwork! I've been thinking of doing something with Bella.. just need to go get supplies!

  2. Love the artwork, it would fit right in with are new show at the gallery, abstract. Gram

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!!! Aunt Summy and Uncle Nathan are sooo proud of them too! Ariana says- she would like to paint too! Glad going to church was a success!