18 March 2010

Amazing Injustice

One of M's co-workers recently had a baby girl. And this Sunday they are having a baby shower for them. First, I need to say that baby showers and wedding showers (and weddings for that fact), are more 'open' than those you are used to. They involve bulletins pinned the post office, and ads in the newspaper saying "You Are Invited", with names, time, date, etc. Since I have met this co-worker, and the shower is being hosted fairly close to home I decided that I will attend.

And off I went to find some girl stuff. Oh, the dilema I had when I got to Target. I knew that I wanted to make a diaper cake. So first there was the debate over what type and brand of diapers to get. Pampers BabyDry? Huggies Pure & Natural? Pampers Swaddlers? Huggies Little Movers? Pampers Sensitive? Huggies Little Snugglers? I finally decided on Pampers Sensitive, because I only needed to buy one package to have enough diapers, and they were on clearance.

And then the girl stuff. The overwhelming amount of cute girly-ness. It was just almost too much. And I spent just a tad more money than I intended, but I couldn't resist!

1 comment:

  1. That is SOOOOO adorable! You could totally do that and sell it! Of course.. you'd have to learn to control yourself.

    And as or what kind of diapers.. I've never been picky (okay, thats a lie, I PREFER Pampers, BUT, what goes on Bella's bum is entirely based on what is the better deal!) and as far as the mama to be is concerned, she will just be happy to not have to buy diapers for a while!

    On another note - Target diapers are pretty good, and super cheap (I think it averages to about 17cents a diaper! ) The only complaint I have about them is they are green and blue polka dots.. not too girly there! LOL