14 September 2009

Big Boy News

The boys are officially on their way to becoming big boys. I just placed an order for G's 'big boy' car seat.

And their birthday presents.

It was a giddy and sad moment all at the same time. I can't believe how fast time has gone by! It seems like only yesterday we were putting them in their car seat for the first time to take them home from the hospital, and yet they'll be eleven months old on Thursday!

They are reminding me daily of how big they're getting.

If you ask G who is a big boy, or if he is a big boy he throws his arms up in the air to show you just what a big boy he is. He is also standing up on his own. As in sitting in the middle of the room, and then stands up. The other day he was throwing a temper tantrum and yelling at Mommy. And then stood up to yell some more and emphasize his point.

Z is turning into a toddler more and more every day. No longer my little baby Z. He's all big boy. He took his first step a few days ago. Just one step. No more since then, but I keep waiting for him to just take off one day. He tries every day to pull himself up high enough to see out our living room window. He can't quite make it yet, and I'm waiting for him to try and step on the baseboard and climb up there.

For the most part, they refuse to eat anything that I feed them. They must be able to pick it up and feed themselves. Today I attempted to give them mashed potatoes, but they had a meltdown over Mommy feeding it to them on a 'witle baby spoon'.

We've all come down with a nasty cold over the weekend. G got it Thursday and seemed a little better on Friday. By Saturday every single one of us had it and G was worse again. I'm feeling better today, thankfully. M has tomorrow and Wednesday off so I'm hoping he'll start feeling better and not have to waste an entire 'weekend' just recovering. Especially since the boys have an eye appointment on Wednesday that I want him to be able to go to and help out with the boys!

Another exciting thing in our life is that we are going to be buying a house! One of M's co-workers is moving and we'll be buying his home. We are VERY excited about it. Its an older home (built in 1901!) and does need some updating, but I think we're ready for the challenge. Its right there in P, so work will only be about 2 blocks away for M. And its $200 a month less than our rent payment! The family that is there is going to be moving out sometime towards the end of September/beginning of October and we're hoping to get in there to paint and do a couple little things before we actually move in. I called the landlord today and told him we'll be out of here by 1-November, so its official! Though I told M last night that it doesn't feel official. I guess it really hasn't sunk in yet. I did pack the hall closet. My attempt at being prepared.

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