11 September 2009

Big Boy Jammies!

Grammy Jill sent the boys an early birthday present! Super cute construction jammies. And thank goodness she did send them now, they fit the boys PERFECTLY!

Here are some attempts to get get pictures of the boys

"Ohhhh Mommy, I'm going to get you!"

"I haven't given up, I won't give up"

"Pictures? I really don't feel good Mommy"

"I feel fine and dandy Mommy!"

"OK, maybe a tiny bit better now"

"Z you crawl all over Mommy, and I'll blow bubbles"

"OH, I'm such a big boy! And I love blowing raspberries! Spread the germies!"

"We're still after you!"

Thank you for our new jammies Grammy and Gramps!

1 comment:

  1. Lol-Ashley-You are absolutely adorable!! Love those pic's!!!