13 June 2010

Moving 101

I like to consider myself the expert on moving. And I like to think I could give some advice to those who are facing a move. My first piece of advice... just don't move. Put the packing tape down and step away from the box.

Now my first move of married life was amazing. Newly married, moving in with my husband (yes, there was a 2-week gap between our wedding and when I moved in). It was exciting and romantic. And easy. Let's face it. A 20-year-old who was still living at home with her parents just does not have a lot of stuff. I remember it clearly. I crammed it all into the trunk and backseat of my Jetta. And the hardest thing I had to move was my goldfish. Which, in retrospect, eh. They were both flushed by Christmas. I had moved the first week of December...

And then there was Move #2. Ahhh, if only more moves could go like that. It was a military move. Well, M was leaving the military, but they paid for it. I stood around our tiny apartment directing the movers what to do. What items needed to be packed and what items were staying with us. They loaded it all into the truck, and it was gone. 2 weeks later when we arrived in Florida they showed up and unloaded it all. They even would have unpacked it for me. But I figured I would need something to do in a new town, in a new state.

And shortly later we decided to buy a house. Move #3. That is the first time I realized moving could actually be stressful. I was working full time at that point, and we had exactly one Saturday to move. I wasn't on the up-and-up with this moving stuff, and didn't know that you could really pack 75% of your household up early. Now there was quite a bit of stuff that I had never unpacked still. It could have been a lot worse. So I was about to learn.

.... to be continued

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