13 February 2010

Belated Christmas

For Christmas Nana and Papa sent us money to get G and Z a table and chair set. I had problems finding exactly what I was looking for, but have been searching for 2 1/2 months. Last week I finally found the right set on ebay. I purchased the table. Only to then realize that the chairs that matched were no longer listed, or available. I sent an e-mail to the seller, and they graciously switched out to the other perfect set that I had found. Which just happened to be sold by them as well!

It arrived here yesterday afternoon. I excitedly pulled it out of the packagin and put the table together. Within 2 minutes, M and I realized that G and Z might not be quite ready for such a big boy item. The table was pushed all around the dining room, completely tipped over and many attempts were made to climb up on it. So we hid the table. And then I put the chairs together. And while they may not be quite ready for the chairs either, they sure are cute sitting on them! And then standing. And then dancing while standing...

Watching cartoons last night

I pulled them out again this morning, to see if we'd have any better (safer) success. But no such luck. Within seconds G was standing on his little chair, dancing his heart out to the Imagination Movers.

(I also just want to mention, that when they are watching TV is the ONLY time I can get a picture of them still... which is why all pictures are in front of the TV!)


  1. How delightful!! I understand about the only time to get their pic.I'm trying to get A & keep getting blurs!