10 December 2009

The Story of Daddy's Snack

Once upon a time, Daddy tried to eat a snack. And then there at his feet two little boys showed up. These little boys wanted to have some of Daddy's snack. But one little boy didn't like to take turns

And the other little boy thought he should just take the snack, and very swiftly grabbed the spoon (with a glob of peanut butter on it)

So then Daddy decided he'd had enough peanut butter and moved on to snacking on Life cereal.

And the little boys were very happy, because the love Life cereal

"oh yum, yum" said the little boys

"Pwease give me more Daddy"

But then Daddy was done with his snack. And he told the little boys that they were all done. And at the words "all done", one little boy had a meltdown.

And it just kept going

The other little boy was very sad, but didn't think it was worth shedding tears over

And the other little boy just couldn't be consoled.

The End.


  1. My poor,poor,pitiful little boys!!! This is surely one of the saddest stories I've ever LoL over!!!

  2. aw!!! how sad! but did the little boy ever get more snack? was he ever able to move on? *sigh* i guess i'll never know. that poor, poor little boy...