05 October 2009

A Sneak Peek

As many of you know, I am a planner. I love lists. And outlines. And plans.

I believe it was in April shortly after we moved out here when I first started making plans for the boys' birthday. At first it was lists of party theme ideas. And then once the theme was settled, the lists begin expanding. There is the guest list. And the decorations list. And the party favor list. Food, outfits, presents... they all got their own list. And then the lists expanded to shopping lists. Each with its own category. What to buy ahead. What to wait to buy. What to make ahead. What to do right before the party.

I made the vanilla cupcakes a few weeks ago and they've been in our freezer. This weekend after we got home from grocery shopping there was no more room in the freezer for the cupcakes. I intended on bringing them over to a friend's who I've been borrowing freezer space from for the party. But it never happened. And they defrosted. Oh Darn.

This is in addition to the brownies I made for the party. And then ate. To make room for the cupcakes to go in the freezer (anyone see a trend here?!). I made a second batch of brownies yesterday to put in the freezer. And leave there. BUT. I needed 2/3 c. of oil. I ran out of vegetable oil at 1/2c. So I topped it off with olive oil. And we only had extra large eggs. Not just large. The new batch of brownies while DELICIOUS are too moist and perfectly gooey to crumble as I want them to. Oh Darn again.

I decided to do a full trial run of the cupcakes. Originally I planned on making my own chocolate frosting. Today, since I was just doing a trial run, I picked up a can of frosting. And I have changed my mind. Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip Frosting. The thickest, fudge-y-est, creamy-est frosting you could imagine. With miniature melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips. Oh yes! I don't even feel bad that it isn't homemade!

Here is a sneak peek of G&Z's Big Number One Birthday Party cupcakes!


  1. That is too cool! Love it!

  2. Those are super cute! Love 'em! I'm a huge list maker too, and LOVE crossing stuff off my list. You should check out motivatedmoms.com she has a wonderful cleaning and housekeeping checklist that includes quiet time and if you choose, a daily bible reading. I think it's $8 to buy the whole year. And well worth it. I love it!