14 February 2009


Haven't been able to find that cable yet. And haven't really had time to look.

We have colds this week. All 3 of us. Z is pretty much over his with the occasional linger cough here and there, while G and I are still fighting ours. G is extremely congested and has a nasty cough to go with it. My poor babies.

In other news, they started eating solids this week! We have previously tried rice cereal with no success. It made two very constipated, unhappy, grouchy babies. I decided to skip the rice this time around and went directly to veggies. Which they love!!! They've had carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Z loves carrots and sweet potatoes, but squash not so much. He'll eat it, but it takes a little more effort to get it down him as he would rather spit it all back out over his face. My little piggy G loves all 3 and gobbles it down as fast as I can feed it to him. G does have some problems eating off a spoon still. There is this thing... and its called a tongue... he has a habit of sucking his top lip and tongue, which he finds even more facinating to do while he's eating!

As for M - he is doing good. He has a pretty busy schedule during the week. This weekend marks the half way point of his training in Georgia! And we are over half way through this! I'm praying the next 8 weeks go by quickly.

We have also got an offer on our house in Florida. I sent all the paperwork requested by our realtor back to her this week. Fingers crossed every thing goes through and the closing is before March 31 as stated in the contract. M and I are both ready to have that whole ordeal behind us.

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